Plans and Pricing

All plans start with a Free 20-Minute consultation where you can discuss your needs and discover, with Emily what the best path forward is for you and your child.  

In this 20 minute consultation Emily will go over your questions and concerns. Emily will explain how Gentle Sleep Coaching will help your specific situation and together you'll decided on the best steps moving forward

Free Consultation

Newborn Q&A  ($75)

(0 - 5 months)


This package is best for new parents who just need a little extra guidance in helping their newborn

  1. Create healthy sleeping habits

  2. Develop nap transitions

  3. Learn about specific methods for certain sleep challenges

Included with this package:

1x 30 minute call. 

No follow ups

Infant Overview ($250)

(0 - 5 months)

Learn how to bond and connect. with your newborn while developing. a roadmap for the coming months.


This package is designed for parents who want a more structured introduction to sleep training their child.  Some of the topics covered are:

  • Month-by-month breakdown of how to nurture your newborns developing sleep.

  • How to set the foundation to healthy sleep scheduling

  • How to create a healthy sleep environment for your newborn

  • How to implement soothing techniques for calming and bonding with your baby

  • Defining and implementing safe sleep for your newborn 


Included with this package:

1x 60 minute phone consultation 
1x 20 minute follow up call (within 2 weeks) 

Introductory Sleep Coaching ($250)

(5 months - 6 years) 

You're ready to establish effective sleep habits with your child and want a clear path to get there--and don't need extra follow up to get there once you know what to do. To help get you there we'll cover:

  • Detailed history of your child's sleep.

  • Discuss their currents sleeping environment

  • Tailor a specific plan with practices and techniques to guild your child to successful sleep habits.


Included with this package:
1x 90 minute phone/video consultation 

Comprehensive Sleep Coaching ($450)

(5 months - 6 years) 

You want to guide your child to a healthier nights rest and you want help getting there. 

This package includes everything from the Introductory Sleep Coaching along with:

  • Followup calls to discuss how the plan is going

  • Troubleshooting unexpected trouble  areas that might come up during the transition


Included with this package:
1x 90 minute phone/video consultation

6x 20 minutes follow up calls used in 2-3 weeks

In Person Sleep Coaching ($550)

(5 months - 6 years) 

Bringing coaching into the home is the most effective choice for certain families.  It can be hard to see all of the obstacles getting in the way of your child getting healthy sleep.

With this package I'll personally come to your home to help evaluate sleep space and assess the best steps forward for you  and your child.

This package includes everything from Comprehensive Sleep Coaching in addition to:

  • 90 minute in-person evaluation (replaces 90 minute phone call from previous packages)

  • Access to my e-mail for daily questions and concerns


Included with this package:
1x 90 minute phone/video consultation

6x 20 minutes follow up calls used in 2-3 weeks

Unlimited email support during business hours & days for 14 days. 

Which Package is Right For Me?

There is no way of knowing which package will serve you and your family best with out meeting first.  Luckily we offer a Free 20-minute consultation where you and Emily can discuss your child's sleep challenges and decide the best package moving forward.