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Sleep is a Beautiful thing

Learn how to get more of it with Gentle Sleep Coaching by Emily

Are you ready for Bedtime to stop being a chore?

50% of kids from 0 -  6 struggle with irregular sleep schedules? This can be a huge frustration for both parents and children!


Do any of these sound familiar:


  • You constantly feel exhausted

  • You find yourself getting up at least 2 - 3  times a night to help your child?

  • You’re constantly researching how to help your child sleep longer?

  • You’re feeling disconnected from yourself due to lack of sleep ?

  • You want to sleep train, but don't want to use the "cry it out" method?

  • Getting your child to sleep is taking longer-and-longer every night.

Many families struggle with bedtime, but yours doesn’t have to. 
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Meet Emily

The Sleep Coach helping families win back Bedtime


A Certified Gentle Sleep Coach since June, 2020 living in Santa Cruz, CA. 

Emily has been working with and studying children in a variety of cultures and countries over the last 8+ years. She has a talent for helping children grow into their truest, happiest selves and access their unique potential.

Emily has worked as a Child Care Provider since 2014, navigating complex family dynamics to assure that children thrive. She has witnessed the struggles that many parents face with raising children, and is both gifted and experienced at helping families cultivate more harmonious, balanced lives.


Emily has provided not only hope, but concrete, lasting results for numerous families. She firmly believes that parents should enjoy, rather than suffer, through child rearing, and is committed to replacing shame and guilt, with compassion, balance, and regular sleep-cycles. 

Emily’s reputation as the “baby whisperer” has been confirmed by every family she has worked with. Please reach out if you are feeling aligned and are ready to get a good nights rest. Emily is here to support you and your family’s specific goals, and collaborate in creating the best possible home-life for both you and your children.

Want to work with Emily?

Schedule a free 20-minute video consultation. 

Click Above to learn more about what's included with your free session.

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